A new video alert! Our team created explainer video in collaboration with Wecoders. Check out this explainer video to see the results!


For us it’s really important to make high-quality videos and find the best solutions for each new company. That’s why we always insist on writing a script by ourselves to make a process easier for both the client and us. In fact, a good script is a crucial part of the whole process. For this reason, we usually gather all the ideas and then form them into a storyboard for better understanding and visualization.


In fact, these stages take little time, but without them, your explainer video doesn’t make sense. Recently, we’ve added one more video to our portfolio of Norwegian projects. We’re really proud to contribute to brand-building of the Scandinavian market. With the efforts of all our team members, we made an animated piece for Wecoders, a developer search platform.


First of all, let’s tell some words about service. How to find a perfect software developer for your tech company or startup? It’s not always easy to find a trustworthy professional. With Wecoders you no longer need to look for a right software developer by yourself. Wecoders is b2b Marketplace for top European software developers. Moreover, it helps to match Scandinavian tech companies with qualified software engineers and coders. This platform provides you with an exclusive network of European tech specialists who are good at the things they do. In conclusion, you can forget about risk, obligations and upfront costs, find your top developer today and don’t worry about your working process.

95 seconds
Creative Direction
Illustrations & Animation by Hound Studio
2d animation, explainer video
Wecoders.no - image №1
Wecoders.no - image №2
Wecoders.no - image №3