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Today we’d like to share a new explainer video created by our team for Europa Info Centre. We have been working on this explainer video for a long time and hope you enjoy it.


We made this project to present Europa Info Centre. From practical matters to special issues, Europa Info Centre answers your questions directly or helps you find the right information through an organization that helps you further. Of course, you as a European citizen or organization can go here with all your questions about European affairs. In short, Europa Info Centre is there for everyone who lives, works, studies or is an entrepreneur in Nijmegen.


Also, if you have questions about European regulations, rights, subsidies, study courses or anything else, this organization will help you with this. In addition, Europa Info Centre regularly organizes events, meetings, and debates on European topics. Moreover, if you want to study abroad, look for European course materials or want to find a job abroad – that can be done easier with Europa Info Centre!


Check out this explainer video to know more about this service. Of course, if you got a project in mind, feel free to contact us, we’re ready to make a perfect explainer video for your service.

Europa Info Centre
81 seconds
Creative Direction
Illustrations & Animation by Hound Studio
Explainer video, 2d animation
Europa Info Centre - image №1
Europa Info Centre - image №2
Europa Info Centre - image №3
Europa Info Centre - image №4
Europa Info Centre - image №5
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