Farm App brings together a growing community of farmers, agronomists, crop scientists, and researchers who know that sharing knowledge can make all the difference. Our team was glad to make some animation for Farm App. Moreover, we are fond of explainer videos and pretty sure that animation is a key for successful business.


Do you know how explainer video works? We guess that a lot of people are afraid of using explainer video for promotion of their business. But we can persuade you to pay attention to this way of boosting any business. Nowadays a lot of companies offer their video production service, because this field of activity is gaining popularity. Of course, you ask what is the reason for such tendency and as always answer is self-explanatory. Moreover, earlier people preferred to use a written form in line of thoughts. But now we’ve got an opportunity to present all the materials in a form of video presentation. Whether it’s good or not, but as experience shows we need to follow this trend to present any our beginnings as well as possible. So, if you’ve decided to rely on explainer video, we’d like to help you to be in smooth water.

For many years we’ve been working on the projects for European and American markets. Surely, we can say with confidence we are fully satisfied with all collaborations. First of all, it’s always easy to work with people, who are on the same page with you and you don’t need to go through many feedbacks and even change the project completely at the end of the deadline (yes, everything happens). Of course, there are a lot of controversial issues, but frankly speaking, if you’d like to make a really great video, you should follow all the recommendations, because as you know the customer is always right. Moreover, we used to find the best solutions for any types of problems and make our clients happy with the results.

120 seconds
Creative Direction
Graphics and animation by Hound Studio
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