Client: Krock
Style: Cel (frame-by-frame) animation 
Length: 90 sec
Language: English

Still have a lot of trouble with work management? Miss the deadlines? Tired of big amount of revisions? Meet Krock.io. Collaborating on a project has never been easier. Run, control & manage every aspect through visual communication with your team and clients. And, most importantly, stay up-to-date with the daily tasks on Krock.io and have the best teamwork experience!

Krock is a software that helps to manage creative teams through visual communication with clients at every stage of the production process. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to assign people for projects, control work performance at each stage, and in each version and keep up with the deadlines. In a word, a user-friendly interface and well-thought-out features help to add visual comments, arrange tasks, improve workflow, and simplify team communication.


Made with by Hound Studio

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