We don’t want to sweep our Inspired by art under the carpet. That’s why our today’s hero is outstanding illustrator Owen Davey. He creates warm and inspiring art for people from all over the world.

Owen Davey lives in Leicestershire, UK. After graduating from Falmouth University with a First Class BA Degree in illustrations, he has become a professional freelance illustrator. Being an illustrator was Owen’s main goal and he always tried to do his best to make his dreams come true. He has worked with lots of clients including The Guardian, New York Times and The Leisure Society. Besides, Owen is well-known for 3 picture-books. His most time-consuming work is book Laika. For this reason, Owen spent much time researching the real-life story of the dog which was the first ever animal launched into orbit. Also, many people know him as a creator of Mad about Monkeys, Crazy About Cats and the environments for the app Two Dots.

We got really inspired by the way he makes illustrations. All his works are a masterpiece and you’ll never find the same drawings. In each new work, he fully expresses his creativity and ability to play with forms. For example, if you see any of Owen’s works among other illustrators, you’ll definitely, figure out which one belongs to him. In fact, using warms and pleasing colors he allows us to dive into amazing world presented with different textures and patterns.

Owen’s main motto is «Work hard. Meet deadlines. Be proactive» and we cannot but agree with it. His hard work, responsibility and thinking outside the box make him an artist who the whole world knows about. We hope we’ll see a lot of great works from him in the future, because his art is really worth spreading.