It’s no secret that traditional marketing technique takes a back seat and give way to new ways of business representation. Moreover, nowadays people focus on producing visual content to reach a target audience and build trust with potential customers. Surely, some people can be a bit skeptical of this way of business promotion. But people love a good story and they are slowly beginning to believe in the power of animated brand storytelling.

In fact, a good explainer video can gather key ingredients of your brand. Also, it can give clear information about your business and make a memorable narrative that captives the attention of your audience. Of course, this new phenomenon becomes very popular. We are really proud to be part of it and have an opportunity to create stories worth spreading.

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №1
Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №2

How to tell your story to get your message out? In fact, a process of video creation is not as simple as it seems. To make a good and a high-quality video you need to go a long way from script writing to animation. Of course, a good script is a basis of video production. If you’re not sure in your idea, you need to pay more attention to it at the beginning than to change everything in the middle of the process. That’s why it’s always better for us to create our own script (not the one our client sends to us) and give careful thought to all the stages we’re going to work on.

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №3

This article is about our behind-the-scenes process for explainer video we created in collaboration with Lumoa. It’s important to identify what drives customer satisfaction up or down with a simple tool and a real-time analytics. But how to collect and process customer feedback into actionable insights in an easy and fast manner? Lumoa is the best customer experience management solution. With this tool, you can get a closer look at customers’ pain points, improve your service and gain high reputation. Stop guessing, learn exactly why your customers are happy or unhappy and make their experience better.

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №4

When we got a new project for Lumoa platform, we’re happy to have a freedom of action and create this project from scratch.  First of all, we make a detailed study of the website of this platform. It was important for us to understand how this service works, the main features of it and how it helps to solve the audience’s problems.

When we set to script writing, we had to consider different options and choose the best one. We decided that our main character was a detective, who investigates different cases. We made a simple analogy: detective – the customer. The main goal of both is to get the answers to their key questions and find the best variant to deal with the problems they have. We’re sure, that everyone heard about an American television series «True Detective» with Matthew McConaughey. Being true fans of this series, we wanted to use some ideas from it.

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №5

Usually, during the process of script writing, we drew each scene to show all the movements and transitions we wanted to use during the animation process. When we’re sure that our storyboard explained the work of the service completely, we sent it to our client. Then we started drawing styles based on the reference we received from our client at the beginning of the project.

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №6

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №7

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №8

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №9

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №10

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №11

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №12

To reach a potential consumer, we had to create perfect illustrations. It had to match the story perfectly and attract the attention of target audience, we created the perfect visual representation for this explainer video. In our opinion, the style which our client liked the most is something like a mixture of True Detective and Alice in Wonderland.

Behind the scenes: Lumoa explainer video - №13

Add all this up, we’ve made a great presentation of this service and could exceed expectations of our client. An advertisement of your product should be high-quality and interesting. Your customers need to understand that you offer a quality product and they can completely trust it. That’s why we always work on the project until the moment our client is completely satisfied with the result. If you’d like to make a perfect explainer video for your service, feel free to contact us. Let’s start our collaboration today!