Making our end-of-the-year-review, we’ve decided that it’s high time to share a collection of the best explainer videos of 2018, which attracted our attention and inspired us to move forward and keep doing what we love. These explainer videos contain not only great visuals, but also a breathtaking plot. Let’s start our trip to a fantastic world of explainer videos!

1. Skirmish video made by BluBlu Studios is definitely love at first sight. We continue to admire the creativity of this team and always follow its sophisticated works. Especially, this time we’re impressed with their video for Skirmish. Have you ever wanted to make a game for yourself, but don’t know how to gather a team or maybe dreamt to be one of the highly skilled professionals who work on cool projects? Now your dreams can come true with Skirmish, a platform where you can discover so many talents that help you to make a video game or get hired as a specialist to create high-level video games. Watch this truly magical video, you won’t regret it.

2. Everyone knows Moth and its emotive storytelling. This company knows how to make catchy and vivid videos that stuck in mind for a long time. But have you already seen their collaboration with Elysium Health? For example, this piece is really noteworthy. Splendid graphics and matchless animation are two characteristics that make this company stand out. Fountain of Youth is a video created for Elysium Health and its product Basis, that brings significant improvements in human health. Check this video out to see amazing animation skills of Moth studio.

3. We cannot stop talking about the incredible talent of Yukai Du and today’s post is no exception. She is a talented motion designer from China who does wonders and creates vibrant and intricate animation. For instance, her new video “Line things” proves once again that she is of the greatest artists in the animation world, don’t miss it.

4. The most heart-warming piece that we’ve ever seen is a new video “Holiday – Share your gift created for Apple. This story tells us that no one should be afraid to follow a dream and should always believe in yourself. We think that everything is beautiful in this video. Starting from the idea to the final animation with the song “Come out and play” by Billie Eilish. In short, we highly recommend you to check it out and feel festive atmosphere of it.

5. Vladimir Marchukov keeps surprising us. Of course, if you love animation as we do, you’ve definitely have seen his cute and funny series created in collaboration with PornHub. Of course, it’s outstanding content, we think. If you haven’t had time to appreciate the creativity and professionalism of this guy, it’s high time to do it with his new video for the largest association of English-speaking doctors in Italy.

6. Being inspired by True Detective, we created a video that explains Lumoa service. Can you identify what drives your customer satisfaction up or down? In fact, Lumoa is the best customer experience management solution and tool that helps you to get a closer look at customers’ pain points. Don’t waste your time and make your customer feedback actionable. Start acting today with Lumoa, but watch this video first to know more advantages of it. Below you can see this cool animated piece.

7. We love the cartoonish animated video, because every one of us was a child and has warm memories of a carefree childhood. In fact, Giant Ant is one of those who always surprises us with outstanding character design and brilliant animation. Finally, this team presented a new video “BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina” and we would like to share it in our annual list. Of course, we love useful projects and we’re always glad to share it with our audience.

8. Lemon Digital knows all the possible ways to bring characters to life and make it in its own manner. Maybe you would like to see its Showreel 2018 and enjoy the works these guys have been creating for a year. But we’ve chosen their Circum video to show how cool this team is and what incredible things they do during the animation process. Check it out and have a good time with amazing animated videos we all love so much.

9. Without any words. A short animated video “The Space Explorers” by Gunner is true love. Characters’ emotions and camera movements make this video one of our favorite. The fact that it’s not a typical animated video caught our attention. Moreover, this video is more like a trailer to a new Marvel movie, that’s why we were happy to see this mix of awesome style and unusual plot.

10. The most frequently asked question you hear every day is “How are you?”. How do you usually answer such a question? Surely, we all know the answer. In fact, people don’t like to show their real emotions and prefer to keep everything a secret. But sometimes it’s so difficult to meet the challenges alone and be unable to get rid of the worries. Finally, DemoDuck created their third animated podcast intro for Nora McInerny. In short, she is a writer and the host of Terrible, Thanks for asking podcast, that explains is that to be fine is good, but feel bad is no worse.