Inspired by art: Amanda Sage - №1

Women in art

The art of Amanda Sage is well-known among the people who are interested in spiritual growth and transformation. She is a prominent representative of visionary artists. Being an American fantastic realist, Amanda Sage is full of mystery and imagination. Her main message is “The more one explores oneself, the more power one finds within”. Amanda was born in Denver, Colorado, where her life was flowing in a way of creative freedom. She traveled a lot and learned the ropes of different techniques of painting. In 1999 she was introduced to Ernst Fuchs, who considers a godfather of Fantastic and Visionary Art, and since that time she has been his student and painting assistant. She has exhibited in London, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Bali, Colorado, Seattle, San Francisco, Moscow, Australia and Colombia.  Since 2009 Amanda has been based in Los Angeles where she continues to collaborate on different art projects and live painting. You can see her works at the Phantasten Museum in Vienna, Austria and the Kirkland Museum in Denver.