Having got a lot of questions about storyboard and illustrations, we’ve decided to write a short explanation about the process of their creation.

What is storyboard?

Storyboard is a visual presentation of the future video. Its main goal is to designate the transitions between the scenes and the exemplary appearance of the characters. But very often our clients ask why illustrations don’t follow a storyboard. In this case, the main thing everyone should understand: a storyboard is a sketch, not a final version, it just helps to follow the process of animation, that’s why there can be a lot of differences.

It’s all about creative process, of course, an artist can make a lot of changes to improve a quality of a final version of the video. It helps to get a perfect picture and create a project without flaws.

For example, hands and legs shouldn’t be bent, they should be straight, it simplifies animator’s life, he will not have to do a lot of extra work to prepare everything for animation.

Some bad examples:

It should be mentioned, that it’s necessary to model, using T-pose or A-pose, it will speed the work and save time. Of course, Illustrations are not the same as a storyboard, because it all depends on technological aspects of animation.

Keep in mind that there will always be a great difference between a storyboard and illustrations, because a preparation of illustrations is based on animation rules, but not on a storyboard.

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