A lot of things happened since we founded our Hound Studio. From the first random idea in 2010 to the official opening in 2011, we made great efforts to have everything that we can offer our clients around the globe now. At the beginning of our creative path, no one was sure that the game is worth the candle, but if you have the power to work hard to make your dreams come true, you’ll make much headway.

In 2011 our Hound Studio team included 2 animators and 3 illustrators, we made small projects for startups in Europe and really enjoyed the feeling of being usefulfor the promotion of interesting and unique brands. Now our team squad has completely changed, because of the amount of work and more high requirements for video quality. We could find incredibly enthusiastic people, who full of new ideas and inspiration for making art with a business purpose.

We are really thankful to all people who are working with us, trust and help us to come into the spotlight. We are always glad to boost businesses of innovative startups and promote their services at the most reasonable price. We are willing to grow professionally and make a contribution to brand awareness, creating engaging explainers for you.