Do you know how explainer video works? We guess that a lot of people are afraid of using explainer video for promotion of their business, because they don’t know the main principles of its introduction. But we can persuade you to pay attention to this way of boosting any business. Nowadays a lot of companies offer their video production service, because this field of activity is gaining popularity. Of course, you ask what is the reason for such tendency and as always answer is self-explanatory. Earlier people preferred to use a written form in line of thoughts, but now we’ve got an opportunity to present all the materials in a form of video presentation. Whether it’s good or not, but as experience shows we need to follow this trend to present any our beginnings as well as possible. If you’ve decided to rely on explainer video, we’d like to help you to be in smooth water.

Less is better


Are you fond of long and boring video content? We don’t think so. That’s why all you need is to remember that “Less is better”. 90 seconds is definitely enough to present your idea so that it will be clear and interesting. A long duration leaves for cartoons, your goal is to build trust with your audience and show that exactly your product is worth noticing. There is nothing complicated at first sight, but usually, this point goes unseen.

Make it simple


No one asks to reinvent the wheel, just try to look at your product from the consumer’s side and think how to come into the spotlight. An appearance of such type of information as explainer video suggests that we need to leave all the complicated things behind and simplify the process of service presentation. We recommend you to make a short script of the story you’d like to сonvey, it helps you to imagine the whole picture and compile thoughts. A script is the most important step in animation process and if you do it wrong, next steps will be useless. Check out our article “How to write a thrilling script for 60 second video!”

Don’t forget about a classic structure


Problem – Solution – Process explanation  – Results

This scheme works always and everywhere. Any explainer video is created to describe a key problem in plain language, that’s why you should find the way specifically appropriate for your service. First of all, outline the problem you want to solve with your video, then give some arguments and try to persuade people that your product is the best one. It should be mentioned that each video starts with a creative brief (in other words, it is a step which figures out target audience goals), it’s very important to know the opinions of people who are interested in your product and understand what results they would like to see.

Unique style is your trademark!


Don’t use design templates. Of course, it’s possible to make explainer video at the touch of a button, but it won’t be an original content. Such method of video creation process completely limits your opportunities. As the result, you’ll get a patterned video without a good idea and an indifferent animation. The only advantage is a cost of such type of work, but if you pay attention to all disadvantages, you’ll understand that it is not worth the effort. A template-based approach doesn’t kindle anybody’s interest and doesn’t attract attention to the things you do. We are sure that if you opt for explainer video, an application of such technique won’t give an easy win. Give preference to animation studio or find a freelancer, both can help you to create a unique style for your brand, that will be identifiable and be crafted just for you. Here you can get more information about using templates!

Native-speaking artist

Maybe, some of you consider that voice over is of no importance, but it’s definitely not true. No accent voice over artist is a key. People should concentrate not on a pronunciation, but on the idea of your video. Nothing can draw attention away from a message, but an absence of native speaker usually does, it can cause lack of interest among your target audience and play a sick joke. All these steps are necessary to make an undoubted masterpiece, that’s why try to avoid typical mistakes.

If you are a brand that really cares about its identity and aims at success, you should think over all the details carefully, not to get screwed. It’s not easy to create a high-quality video presentation, so it’s better to use a time-honored approach and take it very seriously.