Any type of promotion is an investment and, of course, it always comes with associated risks, there is no way round it. If you opt for an explainer video, you’ll have greater benefits, because, in this case, you’ll invest in a highly-demanded marketing tool. That’s exactly why we have been making explainer videos for people around the globe for many years and always get positive comments on our activity.

Having got a unique offering to present WhaleLend platform, our first thought was that it could be pretty challenging to explain this service in the most engaging way,because these guys do really useful things and we didn’t want to mess up and made a difficult-to-understand presentation.

So what is WhaleLend? WhaleLend is the future of crypto investing. If you are keeping your cryptocurrency in cold storage or sitting in exchanges, it is neither growing nor working for you. In fact, a lot of people are not aware of various possibilities, which give a chance to earn interest for their crypto holding. Of course, you can go to the cryptocurrency markets and become one by providing funding to traders, but it’s both difficult and manual process. That’s why WhaleLend comes into play! It automatically optimizes your crypto lending, decentralizes your risk, maximizes your profits and takes away all of your worries.

Behind the scenes: WhaleLend - №1

Behind the scenes: WhaleLend - №2

Behind the scenes: WhaleLend - №3

There was no necessity to present three scripts to our client, because he approved the first one we sent to him. Writing a script is a big deal, but we know some points, that help us to create a carefully reworked script within short timeframes, that’s why this step didn’t take up much time. It helped us to save additional time for next steps.

As always, we created three styleframes for a better understanding of future visual presentation. We decided to create a male character, who is always busy and can’t cope with multitasking. He has a lot of things to do in order to understand the working process of cryptocurrency markets and opportunities he will have. He cannot make sense of it all, he is not enthusiastic about the fact, that he has to do everything manually and tries to find a solution.

Behind the scenes: WhaleLend - №4

Behind the scenes: WhaleLend - №5

Behind the scenes: WhaleLend - №6

After our client chose the first styleframe, we moved to illustrations. There were no difficult fragments in illustrations, because the client wanted to have a simple minimalistic style, with more focus on detailed explanation and dynamic animation.

Speaking of animation, we should tell that this project had to be done quickly. It had a specific timeline, that caused some problems during the animation process. Plus, we needed to show the complexity of diversifying capital into different lending markets, that’s why we made things move much faster and added a lot of different screens popping up in each scene.

It was necessary to find perfect background music and voice over artist. Thanks to our voice over library, we could immediately choose appropriate elements for this explainer video. We checked that all the sounds were mixed together and perfectly fit the animation and sent a final version to the client. Of course, we always get some revisions, which we have to make in one day, that’s why we send each our project 2-3 days earlier to deliver a well-done explainer video, not extending deadline.