How does a series of videos work for a business promotion? - №1

For over 7 years our team is working on the creation of explainer videos. We always consider that this type of videos is the one and only appropriate tool for an explanation of complicated business models. This short piece presents your brand, focuses on solutions your company may bring and explains main features of it. Maybe it doesn’t sound striking, but we had enough time to make sure that explainer videos can set your brand on fire. If you want to make a story that really matters, you can use all the opportunities that offer animated video production. But, of course, there are a lot of pitfalls, you can know about them from our previous article.

A series of videos: a scheme of work

Today we would like to talk about a series of videos, which we were working on for a long time. As you know, a process of making one high-quality video is about 3-4 weeks. But if you opt for a series of videos, you should understand, that you will be wrapped up in the project over several months, creating a lot of videos of the same subject. In this case, everyone should keep in mind, that the first video of the series must be carefully gone through in order the next one can be no less good. Why is it important? The answer is obvious: If you do the same work for a long time, but you don’t like illustrations or consider that script is the worst of the worst, you will not be able to make a project that will be worthy of attention. That’s why for such projects, we like to have a free choice and make all the steps as we deem appropriate. It helps to create our own scheme of work and think over necessary details to make a well-done project without extension of a deadline.


Let’s start with LegalYou. Frankly speaking, this cooperation is one of our favorite. LegalYou is a very useful platform, that helps you get to know about such things as a court’s process, judge’s rights, a jury selection, personal rights and freedoms of citizens and other different issues. It’s always difficult to defend yourself in a courthouse, knowing nothing about a court procedure. That’s why the more knowledge you have, the better you can assert your rights. For example, you signed a contract, but you were tricked or you suffer from a racial harassment relating to employment, what are you going to do? Having the right information, you can prepare yourself for this not easy process. After getting a partnership offer, we immediately came up with positive response to create a series of explainer videos for this law firm.

Human rights

Everyone knows that nowadays we have big problems with protection of the rights, for example, LGBT Rights, rights of refugees, women’s rights, rights of children and so on. It’s obvious that if the wind of change is blowing, society should keep an open mind, but despite all the current advancements these rights are still pressing issues. For example, LGBT Rights were unenforceable in Florida until 2003. Earlier people didn’t want to hear about a same-sex marriage and were not interested in workplace discrimination, but now everything is different, society understands the importance of the phrase «All men are created equal».


But all these changes would be impossible without court procedures and people wouldn’t have opportunities they have now. For that very reason, LegalYou platform was founded. It provides you with affordable help and solves your legal problems. How to act in a court, how to write an appellate brief, what documents will be necessary for one or another case, how to defend yourself in a certain case and even how to dress – answers to these questions you can get with the help of LegalYou. More videos you can check out at official site.


7-Eleven is a go-to convenience store for food that is generally available at any time. This international chain of stores has a wide variety of products and offers product delivery service. Now we are making a series of informative and educational videos to present this company and make employees of 7-Eleven work in the same direction, with the same goals to achieve quality improvement.

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How does a series of videos work for a business promotion? - №5


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. This virtual currency, created for online transactions, caters to the needs of users. The use of bitcoins for online shopping has several advantages. It can be used all over the world and there are no credit checks or complicated account operations. Bitcoin processes payments, transferring bitcoins from one person to another. Bitcoin is ideal for both buyers and entrepreneurs. In addition, Bitcoin is an excellent investment tool. Over the past 12 months, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $ 500 to $ 9,000 and keep growing. For Bitcoin, we created several videos: «What is bitcoin?», «How to buy it with PayPal, cash or bank account?» and so on. You can see the results of our work below.

Many companies try to put explainer videos into action in daily use, because they understand what a significant boost they can get for their team’s work and service promotion. It’s better to explore all the possibilities, which make your company grow. If you are still skeptical about animated video production, read our article about animated advertisement of the most famous brands.