Video production companies appear almost with each passing day. Of course, people have already understood a true value of video content for business development, because have figured out the results of its implementation. In fact, when information is given with visuals and sound, people better understand a subject matter. That it’s really important if you try to persuade the audience to pay attention to your product. For that reason, if you’d like to hit a point and find your potential customers, an explainer video is the best investment you’ve ever made. Of course, because it’s a dynamic communication tool.


Here are some good reasons to have an explainer video for a brand-building:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Promote a brand awareness
  • Video marketing is a powerful strategy for boosting business
  • Any complicated idea is presented just in a few words
  • Easily shareable
  • More sales

We’re the creators of our own reality

During the period when video production is in great request, we’ve decided to interview a person who is directly bound up with a video production. And person without whom this scope of activity would be impossible. We mean a person who does wonders and creates perfect things with the help of vivid imagination – an illustrator. In fact, an illustrator combines art, design and creative skills to produce an outstanding content for a big amount of projects. So, if you want to be a go-to professional, you should know all the tricks of this trade. The main motto of illustrators «We’re the creators of our own reality». So, now we’ll speak about it and maybe dispel doubts of people who’d like to be a part of this creative society.

How to be a perfect illustrator in animated explainer video company? - №1

Graphic Designer and illustrator Daryna

Daryna will tell us about the beginning of her career, the projects she is working on and the process of making fascinating works for the clients. Of course, the first question every illustrator should answer is why he/she is fond of the work he/she is doing. Because if you want to get into something for the whole life, you should have compelling reasons for it. So, having talked with our artist, we’ve found the answers to all the main questions. Of course, they can cause interest among people who’d like to work in this field and people who just admire this walk of life.

Creativity and self-motivation

A: Describe your work with 3 main words.D: Creativity, vivid imagination and self-motivation. All you need is to stay focused and don’t lose a belief in yourself in a period of creative block. This stage is typical for any creative people and you should just overcome it.

It’s always a sticking point

A: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an illustrator?
D: Surely, it’s some kind of magic. You put images and forms from your head to paper and turn them into reality. Of course, being an illustrator is to have an opportunity to tell a story, get out a message and express feelings with a simple drawing and sometimes only with several lines. I know you do agree with me, it’s a dream job! Also, as for disadvantages, it’s difficult to say, if you like what you do, you don’t think about cons. But you should know for a fact that a client is always right. Of course, all you do connects with satisfying the requirements and it’s always a sticking point.

How to be a perfect illustrator in animated explainer video company? - №2

A: How do you get inspired?
D: Usually I seek inspiration in books, movies, games and just out of the world around.

A: What is your favorite piece of work?
D: Oh, dilemma! My favorite work is a scene from MAHOOM with a girl in her living room, I don’t know why, but this illustration popped up in my head immediately.

How to be a perfect illustrator in animated explainer video company? - №3

A: How do you describe your own style?
D: It is usually influenced by my mood. Generally, it’s an angular and a little bit aggressive style. Of course, it’s important to find a balance between your own style and the requirements of the client’s brand.

A: Can you briefly explain your creative process?
D: First of all is necessary to understand a task, select references, make first sketches, find an appropriate idea, work on illustrations and do a final touch. It stands to mention that a creation of a good illustration is possible only with trust and communication between client and artist.

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A: Please, mention the worst parts of your job.
D: In the popular imagination being an illustrator is cool and fun, but that’s not what it is for real. A stage of making a sketch is the most difficult. You have a million ideas in your head and cannot choose the best one, it takes much time to analyze all the possible variants. Sometimes I think over different concepts for the whole day and suddenly make a choice while brewing tea. It really works, just relax, take it easy and a solution will be immediate.

What about a comfort zone?

A: Is it important to get out of a comfort zone?
D: For illustrator is a key to success. If you are an awesome illustrator, but you cannot work in styles to which you’re not used or don’t want to meet demands of the client you’re working with, you’ll never achieve your goals and cannot fully show your professionalism. Exploring out of a comfort zone is a way to a progress, which provides me with a lot of opportunities.


A: Give some advice to people who just try to find their way in creative activity.
D: It’s not that easy to be on the top, follow modern trends, always find an appropriate variant for any project and work in different styles, but don’t be afraid to experiment. This profession means a freedom of imaginative thinking. If you’ve caught an idea, keep it and bring to life. It should be mentioned that there are a lot of specialists relating to this creative field, that’s why this area of work is very competitive. Think twice before choosing this occupation, because without patience and intense studies, you can’t get a knowledge base, which helps you to create your own unique style. It’s not good to ruin a fascinating idea with a bad performance.

How to be a perfect illustrator in animated explainer video company? - №5

Are you ready for a monumental challenge?

Being an illustrator is to be in a group of people, who try to improve this world with the help of visual art. It’s an interesting and spectacular occupation, but as in any profession, there are a lot of pitfalls. It’s up to you to choose, but there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of both cases. The one thing you should know is that if you decide to be an illustrator, you’ll have no choice but to have a high-level of illustration abilities, a well-done portfolio, an unlimited flash of inspiration and a desire to grow professionally. Does it sound like a monumental challenge?

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