We always try to improve our videos using new techniques during our video production process, one of them is a combination of 2D and 3D. After getting a new project, we always analyze all possible ways of its presentation and it turns out that such a mixture of two types of animation works in the best way.

This project was made for the first-ever artificially intelligent crop disease and pest alert system. It’s occupied with a detection of pests in early stages and helps farmers to prevent yield losses. We guess that we’ve managed to explain the service in the simple, but engaging way, showing some minor details in 2D and more important in 3D.

Having got an offer to create a project for service, that connects with agriculture, we were really excited, because everyone could imagine the whole project at once and we pinned great hopes on this explainer video. First of all, we created 3 styleframes (it’s a standard number of styleframes, but depending on the situation, we can create more for better presentation).

Our goal was to create a character of the middle age, who dedicated all his life to working in the field. We see a fertile land, full of harvest and a happy farmer, but suddenly everything changed, his field is infested with pests and our farmer tried to save it. Initially, our client would like to have a 2D project, but when we showed him a variant with some kind of combination, he understood that it would be more interesting and work for his benefit.

Behind the scenes: Agrio - №1
Behind the scenes: Agrio - №2
Behind the scenes: Agrio - №3

The most important step was a storyboard, having looked through all possible scenes and transitions, we made a rough story to convince the client that everything he wanted to be done and we wouldn’t miss important details. We had to show how useful this service is and come up with the argument why it is the best offer.

Behind the scenes: Agrio - №4

We couldn’t say that this project was complicated or it took much time, but we’re sure that such short video presentation will be a great advantage for any service. Vision is our most powerful sense, that’s why an animated piece can be a good way for brand-building and opportunity to build a trust with a targeted audience.

If you’d like to make a great presentation for your service, let us know. We’d like to check new ways of making a video and will definitely create a splendid one for you. Contact us at hello@hound-studio.com or schedule a call with us. Don’t waste your time, we’ll bring your project to life.