There is an opinion that for creating explainer videos or 3D commercials it’s better to hire a freelancer to have the work done quickly and at a low price. They say it makes no sense to pay to a company with so many experienced freelancers around. But let’s take a closer look at this problem of choice:

Price/reliability ratio


Yes, this is cheap, yet unreliable, since you are bound with a freelancer only by a verbal arrangement. The most you could do in case the freelancer fails to perform the work is to leave an unflattering review about him.


A company concludes contracts for each project specifying price, terms, range of services and other important conditions. So you are protected and there are guarantees that you will get exactly what you pay for. Besides, you may be surprised with prices, too, since they are often comparable with those of skilled freelancers.



Do you really think it’s so easy to find a freelancer who is a professional in various fields starting with script writing and up to voicework; who has extensive experience in digital design and who is provided with all specialized tools as well as familiar with current trends? And such a freelancer will cost you cheap, won’t he? And what quality will you get at a lower price?


You get a complete team of professionals who share their experience and tools while the company cares about their training. In addition the company has opportunity to perform analytical researches and to develop missing tools. So you can rest assured that your project is carried out in accordance with the latest trends and the quality is really high.

Confidentiality and control


Accept the fact that you just cannot control a freelancer and therefore you will be forced to trust in him completely including with inside information. If there is a leakage of private information, you can do nothing. And if a freelancer disappears failing to answer your massages or calls, you will have to wait when he turns up.


Remember about the contract? Your inside information is protected by it and by the company reputation. It’s easier to reach the company representatives – you can call or come to the office or write them in social networks or get in touch using any other way of communication as usually companies provides many of them. And as a rule companies have effective systems of internal control involving managers, editors, senior consultants, etc.