We are back here again with the new picture by Salvador Dali. I think you all guessed who our today’s hero with glamorous mustache is.

Inspired by art: Salvador Dali - №1

Of course it is Salvador Dali, the great artist who was one of the pioneers of visionary art and Surrealism’s adventures into the realm of the unconscious.
And traditionally: who is next? The hero of this painting is the red horse. Literary.

For us, explainer video is also art. Why is explainer video always a good idea? It’s not a secret that explainer videos are very effective methods of boosting business at a top-level. Moreover, when you’re looking for a new service or product and find a site that can help you, probably, this platform is animated. Over the years we observe how more and more companies prefer to use explainer video for their projects. Because they’d like to get a well-crafted job. What is the reason for such decision?

As a matter of minutes, a high-quality explainer video makes the customer understand the benefits of a product/service and way of using it. Of course, there are a lot of different types of making explainer videos and you can choose the best option that suits your objectives. But now it’s high time for us to tell about the idea of creating them for different areas of life.