All you need to know about explainer videos - №1

You have definitely heard about such term as explainer videos, a short animated piece created to attract target audience attention to any business or service to explain its main features in a simple and engaging way. According to statistics, 96% prefers to watch videos to know more about the product they are interested in. We guess such information proves once again that explainer video is worth attention.

Today, we’d like to answer the most frequently asked questions. In our opinion, it’s better than just having an idle talk.

So, let’s start:

How long does it take to make 60 seconds of 2D animation?

All you need to know about explainer videos - №2

Of course, it depends on the complexity of the video you’d like to have. The animation of 1 character usually takes 1 day, in case if this character has a lot of actions. If not, it can take 3–5 hours. So, if you have a lot of characters in your video, of course, it will be a really long process for you. No one can say you how much time he/she needs for such animation, because there are a lot of factors that influence on it: script-writing (ready or not), storyboard, voice-over recording and etc. A standard 60 seconds 2D animation will take 30 days if we’re talking about a high-quality video.

Animated video or Real Human video? Which is the best explainer video for startups?

All you need to know about explainer videos - №3

It definitely depends on your goals and what your startup is about. We made a lot of videos for different companies and basically people prefer to order an animated video for business promotion of their brands. Why? There are several reasons:

  • In just 1-2 minutes you can fully present your product
  • Increasing conversions
  • Improving SEO search rankings with video content
  • Keeping viewers on your page for 2x longer
  • Give an opportunity to share your videos on the most popular platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • It makes your brand recognizable

An explainer video is a perfect tool for information sharing. Many people nowadays consider that animated videos are the best way for them to boost their business sharing such videos to different platforms. These platforms (for example, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia) are considered to be the most useful for business promotion of your product, because 91% of video marketers give preference to explainer video for their marketing campaign.

How is an explainer video created? What does the script do?

Usually, a process of video creation consists of 8 main stages: script, moodboard (if it’s necessary), storyboard, styleframes, illustrations, voice-over, animation, music, and sound fx. Each stage takes a certain amount of time and some stages can be performed simultaneously, that helps to reduce the total project time or have extra time for animation. Especially, if we have an urgent project, the stages (1-6) should be done as quickly as possible in order to have time to make high-quality animation and meet deadlines.

We have a short guide to our video production process, so if you’re interested in animated videos, this information will be useful for you.

How much does an explainer video cost?

Since explainer video is a growing trend, companies set a high price for it. Usually, the price varies from 500$ to 20K$. This price depends on many factors: video length, company experience, style, and video quality. Of course, if we are talking about template videos the price can be quite low. But for well-thought-out custom videos, a video production of which takes a lot of time and efforts, the price will definitely be high.

All you need to know about explainer videos - №4

Hardly people want to watch the video in which the characters move like robots and in no way interact with the viewer. An explainer video is created for human interaction. Your video should present your service in such a way that viewers believe in your product and understand its necessity.

Therefore, people are increasingly opting for custom explainer videos and ready to pay for them. But, of course, you should check your video production twice before paying, because just because the price for its service is high, it doesn’t mean that it will fit your needs.

How are these animated explainer videos going to benefit my company?

All you need to know about explainer videos - №5

Using explainer video you will not only solve the problem of getting the attention of potential clients but as well:

  • It’s one of the most interesting ways of advertisement
  • Explainer video shows existing problems and offers your service as a solution
  • They increase web traffic
  • Explainer videos attract more potential customers
  • It works everywhere
  • An explainer video is a perfect marketing tool to reach your target audience
  • It helps to achieve better brand recognition

If you want to get explainer video for your service, but you’re not sure about it, you can take a look at videos your competitors have. It helps to get a full picture, choose a style and decide whether your service needs it or not.

How do you write a script for an animated explainer video?

All you need to know about explainer videos - №6

A script is a foundation for a good explainer video, that’s why this stage of the creation process is one of the most important.
The process is simple enough:

  • Present the main character of the video
  • Describe a problem he/she faces
  • Offer a solution
  • Explain how service works
  • Add short points about why people might interest in it
  • Tell why your product is unique, how long it’s on the market and mention the main benefits
  • Call to action. Make people believe in your offer!

Nowadays the animation market is full of video production companies, that’s why if you google it, you’ll find a lot of video examples in completely different styles. Explainer videos are not only a good tool to increase conversions on landing pages, but also great stuff for pitches. With a well-thought-out video, you can be sure that your presentation will be successful and you’ll have a better connection with your audience.

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