Where will your video live? - №1

The Internet has a wide variety of options for video hosting and despite being very efficient and easy to use, they all have their pros and cons. Let’s find out which variant is better for you!

Social media give users an opportunity to search for videos, receive comments and share content with even more people via such resources as Facebook or Twitter and so on. They are free, they give you access to billions of viewers and your videos will be ranked highly in searches.

Where will your video live? - №2

The first one that comes to mind is YouTube, of course. However, despite being on top for years, the service has its downfalls. YouTube puts ads right before/in your video, so this may be a benefit for your competitor. Users also have a slightly limited customization, which can be a serious problem in some cases.

The second best option is Vimeo. Though it has less traffic, Vimeo is still chosen by most professionals as it has a “high quality” reputation. If you buy a Pro account, you will get a lot more features, such as unlimited timing, ability to customize your video player, opportunity to monetize your content and so on.

If you are looking for a platform created specifically for business video hosting, Wistia is just right for you. There are a lot of advantages here: wonderful analytics options, no ads beside content(unless you want to place your own), Twitter integration and many more.

There are some other nice options, such as Sprout Video(besides all the amazing features, it also has unique privacy settings), Viddler(here you can limit access to your videos by location and monetize them), Vzaar(gives you a chance to customize not only its basic information, but also display and delivery), Brightcove(similar to YouTube, but has more options with customization and design), Vidyard(has real-time analytics and an opportunity to channel the data to your records).

Keep in mind that most professionals say that no hosting solution is significantly better than other and it’s up to you and your goals to determine which one will suits you more.