Our new video is a result of work for Bitcoin and we’re very happy to present it to you. As we all know, Bitcoin has become more popular over the last few years and that’s for a good reason. It has a great number of advantages and we wanted to emphasize them in our video. It is available worldwide and the system excludes a mediator between two sides. Moreover, Bitcoin is an amazing investment instrument. How not to mention that? We also described how Bitcoin was invented, the processes that going on in the network and what benefits it has.

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №1

In the video, you see two main characters, who help us to explain to our viewers how Bitcoin works. Character design is not the first step of video making, but one of the most important. Of course, you’re already familiar with the steps we follow while creating every video, if you visited our blog before. After a Creative Brief we usually make a script. It’s a very important phase, as we try to make the future video as interesting and engaging as possible.

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №2

Style frames are great for showing what the video will look like. During this step, our clients usually decide which style they prefer. Almost always the simplest design is the most attractive one, so we advise to choose those styles that look minimalistic.

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №3

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №4

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №5

In the storyboard we provide the sketch of each action of the video and its detailed description. It is one of the final steps of the process of video creation, so we pay a lot of attention to it. After voice over we continue with animation. This step takes a lot of time, but with the skills of our animators, it gets much easier. We finish with the stage called Sound FX, as we need to make sure that all the sounds are mixed with the animation.

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №6

Despite the fact that we usually follow this plan, every video is unique and our team never forgets about it. Working with Bitcoin was a wonderful opportunity for us to test our skills and to become a little bit better at what we do.

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin - №7