Why the first 5 seconds of your video are very important? - №1

Being a perfect tool for attracting viewers’ attention and boosting business, explainer videos have become very popular during the last years. And though it’s an amazing opportunity for many enterpreneurs, there are a few rules you need to know to get the best deal out of your explainer video. We’ve already touched some of them, but this time let’s talk about one particular tip that may change the game: the 5-second rule.

This means you need to attract your target audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds of the video. It has to be done because viewers’ attention spans are shrinking and they understand right away that those few moments set the tone of the whole video.

We picked a few tips for you to make the first 5 seconds of a video more engaging and we hope you will find something helpful!

Why the first 5 seconds of your video are very important? - №2

  • The most annoying thing about any video on the Internet is when it’s loading very slow. So if you’ve chosen a hosting platform that may have problems with speed, viewers may decide not to continue watching.
  • Avoid including your company’s logo during those 5 seconds. That’s obvious – you will just loose precious time. It’s better to put it in the end of the video or use a small logo in the corner throughout your film.
  • Start with something engaging. For example, use a question or a catchy message that will leave a viewer curious about the following information.
  • Make the beginning as simple as possible. The last thing you need to do is confuse the audience, so make sure they understand what you’re talking about.
  • And finally, work hard on your script. Many people skip this step, but when you have a good script you can make the introduction more logical and catchy.

It’s always hard to get people to notice your work. One research claims that by the end of 2017 there will be almost 70% of video contact on the Internet. So do your best to make those 5 seconds interesting enough for viewers to stick till the end of your video.