Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №1

In our work, we often cooperate with companies that aim to change people’s lives and thus we become even more excited about working together. This is exactly the case. A few months ago we got a unique chance to work with Lazy Jar.

Lazy Jar is an app that helps people to change their lifestyle and become significantly more active with the help of the system of encouragements. The scheme is simple: you set a weekly goal and do your best to beat it, but if you fail you pay a penalty. That’s an incredible motivation for you to stay productive and overcome your laziness, isn’t it? Moreover, a significant portion of the penalties will be donated to research childhood cancer. So what was the process of creating an explainer video for Lazy Jar?

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №2

First things first, we always ask our clients to fill in the Creative Brief, which helps us to understand the goals of the client, explore the product/service and define the targeted audience.

We began with creating the script for the future video. As the client wanted to show how important the situation with obesity and laziness in the US is, the main idea was to concentrate on this issue and to give the solution for the problem.

The second step was to draw styleframes to give the client an impression of what the video will look like. We created a few images with the first location from the script:

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №3

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №4

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №5

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №6

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №7

The third step was the storyboard. We all know that a storyboard is the visual representation of your future video. Its main goal is to designate the transitions between the scenes and to show the appearance of the characters. In our case, the storyboard gives us the insight into the world of a regular American man that has a problem with his weight and lifestyle.

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №8

Voice over is the next step. Sometimes we would offer a voice over artist from our library, but some clients have them already selected. When it’s chosen, we prepare an animatic to check how it’s working.

Designing characters and environment is a very important part of any video. We usually come up with a few different variants to give our client a chance to choose what he likes more.

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №9

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №10

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №11

Animation usually takes much time and this case is no exception. We dedicated a lot of efforts to make all of the moves as smooth and natural as possible.

And the final step is making sure that all the sounds and narration go well with the animation. This stage is called “Sound FX” and is considered to be very important in the process of video creation.

We were very glad to work with such a handy and important app as Lazy Jar. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about the process as much as we enjoyed making it!

Behind the scenes: Lazy Jar - №12