It’s not a secret that explainer videos are very effective methods of boosting business at a top-level. When you’re looking for a new service or product and find a site that can help you, probably, this platform is animated. Over the years we observe how more and more companies prefer to use explainer video for their projects, because they’d like to get a well-crafted job. What is the reason for such decision? As a matter of minutes, a high-quality explainer video makes the customer understand the benefits of a product/service and way of using it. There are a lot of different types of making explainer videos and you can choose the best option that suits your objectives, but now it’s high time for us to tell about the idea of creating them for different areas of life.
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Product’s advertisement

Of course, it’s the most often-observed method of video’s introduction. Such way is usually used to achieve marketing goals, make a business grow and attract more customers. An explainer video can make a quick-spreading advert by sharing it on the Internet. Up to a point, it works like you’re gaining a sense of trust among customers and create an interaction pattern. For advertisement of these products companies usually produce 2D Animation, Live Action or Motion Graphics.

  • By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic
  • Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store

So you see how fast you can push any ideas you’d like to carry into effect.


Live a century – learn a century. During our life we constantly discover something in order to be educated and smart. For these purposes you choose different sources of information, but the easiest one is watching videos. You needn’t read a lot of articles and scratch your head over large flood of information. All you should do is to watch an explainer video on a topic that you’re interested in and get an informative stuff. The best way of simplifying your life is to learn the ropes through such forms of getting information. For example, we were creating an explainer video for LegalYou It’s an online community that steps into the breach with your legal questions. On LegalYou you find the explanation of difficult technical legal words, consult with lawyers online and get into the swing of things. If you don’t have a lawyer, but your court case takes place next morning, you just need to visit LegalYou, because this platform is available any time and membership is free. It helps you to deliver your papers in time and perform them in a right place. You will know everything from how to fill different types of documents to how to get dressed for the process.That’s why we think that explainer videos can be even more educational than you guess. Videos for such portals are usually created with the help of 2D Animation.

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What are best ways to use video to educate customers? - №3

What are best ways to use video to educate customers? - №4

What are best ways to use video to educate customers? - №5

Technical details

If you have a technical product/service, it stands to reason, an explainer video will be the most effective for teaching customers to use it. A creation of educational videos gives a step-by-step guide to perform the main idea. An explainer video uses endless special effects to clarify complicated things and go deeper in difficult terms. For a such type of video it’s better to use 2D Motion Graphics Animation, because it goes deeper into details of the product.
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Service supply

Customers would like to know how your product works and what types of services you offer. People become educated finding out what product is more suitable for their needs.Such type of video can make a point of an individual area. For example, medical and healthcare explainer videos can constantly inform doctors and nurses about new methods of treatment or educate patients how to recover from operations, prevent illnesses and use available treatments. Here, maybe, it’s better to create Whiteboard Production. It’s a perfect way for the companies who have a complicated product or service to explain and to bring trust.
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A quality storytelling can be the perfect way of audience’s education. People can get access to the videos at any time of day and night and they will be provided with support whenever they need it. It won’t stop working for you, just try it and you’ll learn at first hand the necessity of explainer videos.