What are style frames? - №1

When we create our explainer videos we usually follow a plan that consists of certain stages. We’ve already described this process in the article about Lazy Jar video, but today we decided to share our thoughts as for style frames in detail.

What are style frames and why do we need them?

On the same stage with script we do style frames. Basically, they are just full-color pictures that visualize the main scenes of the video. They help a client to choose the style of the video. We usually do 3-4 of them so that one can pick the visual imagery at the very beginning and have a clear idea of what there will be at the end.

What are style frames? - №2

They are very useful for clients, as they can find out whether the designer understood their idea or not. If you feel like something doesn’t go with your idea of perfect video, let the studio you work with to know about it.

What are style frames? - №3

Also, they are the last stage before the actual animation, so make sure you do the right choice and check all the details before moving forward.

What are style frames? - №4

What are style frames? - №5

What are style frames? - №6

When it comes to our company, we take this step very seriously. Our illustrators create different style frames to match even the most demanding taste and always listen to clients’ ideas.

Are you looking for a perfect team to work with? We’ll come to the rescue! We offer 3 free styleframes for you to choose the best option and decide if you want to move forward with us. Fill in this form to tell us more about you! 

What are style frames? - №7