Style: Explainer Video, 2d animation, 3d animation
Length: 63 sec
Language: Norwegian
Created by Hound Studio for Animer.no and Norkring

Norkring is the largest provider of a broadcast service. This company supplies radio and TV signals to listeners and viewers and offers a distribution of antennas and receivers at the stations all over Norway. The main aim of the company is to be a leader of a digital broadcasting.

It is well-known service among professionals in its industry, but many people are in the dark about the things they do. That’s why it was a challenge for us to present this company in the best possible way.

Initially, Norkring video was meant to be made with a help of a standard 2d animation. But when we started coming up with ideas, it became clear that it would be better to use a mixed animation. It’s difficult to make this project well in a shape animation. For this reason, we decided to use 2d and 3d animation. In fact, it’s a newish and popular technique, because 3d helps to escape from reality and make more high-quality animation.

Made with by Hound Studio

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