Have you ever thought how difficult it is to be a real estate agent? You have to not only work in the office, but also go to meetings and negotiate with countless clients. Pretty stressful, isn’t it? But after working with OneDome Platform, we can proudly say we know the perfect solution for this issue:  It is the technology that captures all the clients’ details and requests online and centralizes the data into the one interface available to estate agents. As usually, our team started with creating the script and then continued with the traditional steps. This time we decided to create very simple and minimalistic design and animation, so that the main idea would be clear for everyone. We are very proud of this successful cooperation with the company.

80 seconds
Creative Direction
Design & Animation by Hound Studio
Explainer Video, 2d animation
OneDome - image №1
OneDome - image №2
OneDome - image №3
OneDome - image №4