AKT is the body responsible for issues of planning, development, and operation of public transport stations. Its work is to offer services that encourage passengers to use public transport. AKT is responsible and focuses on safety and quality. Also, they are actively involved in modernization processes and development.


We like to work with companies that have a perfect working process. Moreover, we always know what they exactly want to get at the end of our joint work. In fact, when we got a project, we didn’t really know how to present it in the best way, make the client be interested in and meet the requirements of all members of this organization. It’s always difficult to find the best option. That’s why during our process we always look at the project from different sides. We collect all the ideas and make several scripts for a better service presentation.


This company mentioned that the tone of the video had to be serious and calling for actions. In fact, they wanted their target audience could understand the reasons for the establishment and opportunities their customers could get. Of course, such a strong desire to improve infrastructure and focus on eco-friendly approach inspired us to make a really interesting project. Also, we need to tell the world about the organization that was willing to achieve a better future for all citizens in the county of Vest-Agder.

124 seconds
Creative Direction
Created by Hound Studio for Animer.no and AKT
Explainer Video, 3d animation, isometric
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AKT - image №2
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