We live in an age of information boom. Users consume mega and gigabytes of information every day, and it’s getting harder and harder yet to catch their eye. Even if your startup idea is brilliant, you still face the objective of catching the attention of users, and, most importantly, potential investors. If you do – your startup is doomed to succeed.


Ever been to one of the boring presentations with somebody in a suit and a tie presenting another “creative” and fascinating idea in PowerPoint? We can do better. In fact, we believe your startup idea deserves better.

Startup? Present it Right.

Video content is the right way to do it. And animated explainer videos are the best way yet. Judge for yourself – traditional video production is a hustle. It’s expensive. It takes you to the whole world of hi-end shooting equipment, shooting locations, models, stylists, screenwriters, royalties and model releases… And it’s all good – for big businesses. Not for startups. Being a startup, you can’t afford to pay for it all every step of the way just to get your idea across. But, there is a better and more cost effective solution. With animated explainer videos you get to tell the world about your startup – short and to the point. In a more creative and eye-catching way than the guy with PowerPoint.
The cash difference you save… Well, we are sure your startup could use a little extra funding.


What are explainer videos?

Animated explainer video is a brief (usually under 2-3 minutes long) video for startup to present the idea/product/whatever. Upon watching explainer videos users (and voila – potential investors) should get the idea. Explainer videos catch the attention of users, deliver the message and urge to action of choice – be it simply “Like&Share”, or “subscribe”, or “call now”. They are long enough to tell about the company or introduce new product, yet short enough to keep the attention of users. Video for startup helps you outline the idea and packs it in a nice and attractive 2-3 minute package with a ribbon.

Why would I need video for startup?

Explainer videos are creative, fun to watch, and may collect numerous reposts to achieve maximum audience coverage. Unlike traditional video production, animated explainer videos are in no way limited in means to present your idea/product/whatever, not tied to a location or other natural restrictions, while producing a better cost-effect result.
And, yes, they are in trend.

Where to start or how to make a good startup video

You already have the idea. Put it on paper. Outline your key messages and try to answer the questions you would ask. We will do the rest and make the best animated explainer video for your startup.