Storyboard is a visual representation of your future video. On its basis as well as on the basis of the script the artist draws the scenes and characters, which are then animated. A storyboard usually look like comics.

What is Storyboard? - №1

Its main goal is to designate the transitions between the scenes and the exemplary appearance of the characters.

Of course the drawings in the storyboard may differ from the style of the completed scene, especially if the client wants to change the appearance of the character or scene (and such possibility save the time for remaking).

As far as the storyboard is usually made in black and white in order to give the fullest presentation of the color scheme and style we also additionally make the style frames.

Thus the main goal of the storyboard is to receive the fullest representation of the finished video at the first stage of work and so to save time for remodelling.

What is the first stage of the storyboard drawing?

What is Storyboard? - №2

The script is usually the basis of the storyboard. It is a document where all the actions of all characters are drawn. Often such document is quite brief and the storyboard serves as its extended version.

For example, we have the following script:

Scene 1:

Playground with playpit. The children play in the playpit.

Scene 2:

Suddenly one of the boys finds the ball made of rainbowy glass.

Scene 3:

He displays the ball to every child allowing everyone to examine it.

Scene 4:

The last child which obtained the ball (a girl) has the torch. She switches it on and lights on the ball. The playpit irradiates with the rainbowy flecks.

Scene 5:

Text on screen: “The more joy you give the more you get in return”.

In the current example there is no set description of the park, children, playpit. It can be made by means of storyboard.

For example, the scene with the playpit may be as follows:

What is Storyboard? - №3

like this:

What is Storyboard? - №4

or even like this:

What is Storyboard? - №5

But usually we make srotyboards for explainer videos like this:

What is Storyboard? - №6

It seems very easy, but there are some secrets that are unknown to an ordinary artist which a storyboard artist should know.

It is important to remember that the storyboard is the visual plan of the future video. So such specific genre has its own rules of the pictures composition and the transitions between them. And all such rules shall be observed to hold down the attention of the observer.

Hound Studio goes the whole length of the video production. We know the value of time and concern about the quality of presentation of your product so we make excellent storyboards and we are excited to help you to meet the challenge.