Nothing remains the same

Today, video is the leading type of content on the Internet. It is used wherever there is a broadcast surface, so it has become a powerful way to communicate.

The animation in videos is getting more colorful, advanced, and exciting, and this applies to illustrations, 3D objects, high-quality sound, etc.

We have chosen 9 examples of high-quality animation videos for you

Get inspired, impress, and admire!

1. 支付宝Alipay-NEO

From the first second, the video captivates with its color scheme. A juicy video attracts attention until the last second.

2. Minima: Manifesto

When it came to introducing its mission to the world, Minima wanted to go for something a little outside of what you’d normally expect from a web3 company. Though their work is highly technical, their goal is to give power back to people using the blockchain — so we stretched some new muscles and developed a hand-painted look with characters to give a human feel to their brand.”,” — Jorge R. Canedo E., Creative Director

3. Acer Swift 3 2022

An Acer laptop advertisement that is both stylish and detailed, and the eye clings to the action. Fast, dynamic, and, at the same time, nothing superfluous.

4. Research / Sparkle

Elegant little boxes that hold thousands of shining particles and stunning materials — decorative cosmetics, in addition to the visible effect, cast a spell and give an indescribable sense of inner satisfaction and festivity.

5. Hublot | Samuel Ross

It’s a pretty inventive watch advertisement. Aesthetic beauty + incredible quality = the best combination! The high degree of realism in this animation helps it stand out.

6. Aize

A captivating video about how important it is to think creatively and expand your vision. How the impossible is possible. An aesthetically beautiful video created using all the laws of physics-every detail in it is like a work of art.


Does perfection exist? Every task of the craftsman begins with raw material—the material’s stage at the moment between its natural or initial state and its treated or end state. In the hands of a craftsman, the right material has the right texture, pattern, and color, and it can also be shaped into the shape the craftsman wants. The film follows the manufacturing process of plywood—the conversion of wood into raw material.

8. Shopify Summit 2019

For Shopify’s 2019 Summit, Tendril was called upon to create a film that captured and communicated the spirit of Shopify’s brand purpose—unlocking the power of commerce for those seeking independence. The event was all about thinking big, sharing ideas, and connecting Shopify employees across the globe under a shared vision.

9. Research / Felt

Original and aesthetic, a work of great quality. Outstanding sound design.


As a result of watching these videos, we hope you’ll be motivated to develop a cool project using our service.

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Josh’s Story

Good, bright, musically accompanied video that resembles a fairy tale. Viewing this video has a calming and peaceful effect.