Some facts about Maria Primachenko that is well worth your time


Maria was raised and lived all her life in the Kyiv region. She grew up in an artistic family. It’s interesting to note that the artist had a mediocre education overall because she could only finish four years of college due to illness. Maria’s artwork is captivating because of its superb imagination, exact original colors, and enigmatic craftsmanship.

Although the creatures in her paintings are frequently frightening, Maria frequently left notes like “Wild badger.” While the nose is burning with fire and has protruding teeth, it is actually nice. Also known as “a pink bear that wanders around the forest without endangering anyone.”

Even the war is not monotonous in Primachenko’s painting. This is true even though she lost her spouse in the 1940s and lived through the fascist occupation and the challenging post-war years. It is crucial to note that Maria lived her entire life in her hometown of Bolotna and remained a humble peasant who was unaware of and did not aspire to the benefits enjoyed by famous artists. She has had numerous exhibitions of her art around the globe, and among her admirers are Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Sergei Parajanov.

"Everything is wrong with me, but it is alive!",- Maria Primachenko - №1

The creative heritage of the artist includes about 800 paintings. Currently, one painting by a talented artist can be valued at tens of thousands of dollars.

Among the admirers of the Primachenko phenomenon, there are many eminent artists. Pablo Picasso admired her. According to legend, when he saw the paintings of the Ukrainian craftswoman at the World Exhibition in Paris, the artist called them “beautiful works of a brilliant woman.” The artist herself did not reciprocate the ingenious Spaniard. Rumor has it, leafing through an album with reproductions of Picasso, Maria issued a verdict: “No, in our village they would not understand this.”

"Everything is wrong with me, but it is alive!",- Maria Primachenko - №2

Maria Primachenko’s enigmatic imagination realms continue to exist. So, in Japan, primers illustrate it with drawings. Her fantastic beasts can be seen on postcards, postage stamps, and calendars. Playgrounds are decorated in her unique style.

Another interesting fact is that she painted pictures with her left hand, although she was right-handed. Also, she loved Ukrainian folk clothes and embroidery and was good at embroidering. . She often sewed clothes for friends.

"Everything is wrong with me, but it is alive!",- Maria Primachenko - №3

At the end of June 2006, 77 paintings were stolen from the artist’s house. Some of them were returned. This incident affected the health of Fedor’s son, who lived in his mother’s house.

Maria painted up until the day she passed away, despite having polio as a child, a devastating ailment that she battled until she was 89 years old. She managed to live thanks to her art and ingenuity.