Nowadays our team is occupied with making series of videos about Bitcoin and we’d like to share the steps of this process with you. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It’s the most popular free digital currency, that nowadays used all over the world. But a lot of people are in the dark about how to use it and why it’s growing in popularity with each new day, that’s why our studio comes to help. With the help of our explainer video, you can understand the main principle of working with it.

The first step on the way to a perfect video is a Creative Brief. We can’t do anything without knowing the opinions of people we’re working with, their goals are very important and make us generate a lot of ideas for our future project and understand the target audience that is really interested in it.
After filling out a Creative Brief, we continue with a Script. How does it work? Usually, our client sends us a detailed explanation of his vision on the project, we overlook it and offer our concept how to present this material in a lively form. If our client appreciates it, we will start to create style frames in order to convince that our ideas are presented in the way he expects.

Our favorite part is a creation of style frames. This process helps our client to choose more suitable illustrations for the project we’re working at. Since we were given the freedom of actions, we tried to create a lot of nice visuals at choice.

The next step is not less interesting. We set about a storyboard. A creation of a storyboard is an important step, because exactly at this stage you see how the project takes a final form. During this process all the scenes are described in detail, explaining each movement, so our client can imagine a general picture.

Voice over is the simplest step. In our Hound Studio’s voice library, there are a lot of samples, that’s why we always offer different variants in order our client can choose a good fit.

After a voice over we set to animation. It’s the most difficult step, but in spite of it the most exciting for us. It requires all our professional skills to make explainer video  perfect and reach our client’s goals. It’s really important for us to present a high-quality content and manage our clients’ needs.

We consider that it’s a good idea to show you everything from the first sketch to the final animation. We’re always glad to share new projects with you, that’s why stay tuned and follow us on social media for more!
Hope you appreciate our works!