Explainer videos: TOP 20 of 2016 - №1

Though we’re already halfway through 2017, we decided to share our top pics of animated videos from 2016 with you. All these videos are not only beautifully illustrated and animated, but also have unique, deep and engaging plots. So, sit back and enjoy!

20. PrescribeWellness – Convenience by The Furrow

This one is from a series of videos about the source that educates customers about the services available at their local pharmacy.

19. Woodland Trust – The Guardian by Moth

In order to support Woodland Trust’s campaign called “Free Trees” Moth and Guardian Labs created this short video with a beautiful story about one tree.

18. Innovation Florida | What If? by Oliver Sin

This wonderful video tells us about the city of future called Innovation, Florida.

17. Quadro – The art of computing by ILLO

Who doesn’t like minimalism? This one has it all: nice animation, charming illustrations and, of course, minimal design!

16. Postly: Make someone smile by Untime Studio

This beautifully illustrated video shows you a lovely little story about a service that creates postcards from smartphone’s pictures.

15. Slack // Work, Simplified (Director’s Cut) by Giant Ant

We all know how useful this app is. But have you seen their explainer video? Not only it has incredible details, but also demonstrates great animation.

14. Taking Flight by Moonbot Studios

Simply amazing 3D video that can easily compete with Disney’s animation. The story is about a boy and his grandpa’s journey.

13. Choose Health Delaware by REMADE

This video might cause a desire to move to Delaware as soon as possible. So there is no need to explain how wonderful the story and the animation is!

12. Mirror by Chris Ware and John Kuramoto

This deep video is created by Chris Ware and John Kuramoto and based on the magazine cover. Co-produced by The New Yorker and “This American Life”.

11. Newton’s Laws of Motion by Amaël Isnard and Beakus

As always, Royal Observatory Greenwich provides us with the best video material that combines beautiful illustrations and exceptional animation in order to take us all for a scientific adventure.

10. Studio AKA // San Pellegrino ‘Dining By Starlight’ by Blacklist

This video has a unique style that will catch your attention from the very beginning, so it’s no wonder why it’s on our list.

9. Cadbury & Oreo – Facebook Film by Mauricio Alarcon

A lovely 3D commercial for Cadbury chocolate and everyone’s favorite Oreo cookie. This one has not only wonderful graphic, but also a very engaging plot.

8. Demo Duck: Video For Any Mission by Demo Duck

A homepage video for Demo Duck that perfectly displays the team’s creativity and love for what they do. It’s bright, unusual and wonderfully animated.

7. Nora by Hound Studio

A good video always has a story that makes viewers stick till the very end. This one is an excellent example of an interesting story with wonderful animation and illustrations.

6. SXSW 2016 Gaming Awards – Opening Sequence by Imaginary Forces

Viewers explain this video’s success by the switch of graphical presentation styles and fantastic animation, so we couldn’t miss this piece of work.

5. How Mindfulness Empowers Us by Gobblynne

Words of wisdom accomplished by charming illustration make this video an amazing example of what a perfect ad should look like.

4. l’Occitane – Le Papillon by Eddy

This beautiful video for a brand called l’Occitane takes ads to another level. Just look at it – all the textures and layers make the commercial simply gorgeous.

3. A Series of Untranslatable Words About Love by Andrew Norton

We all know that there are some words that can’t be translated into another language. So the idea of this video is simple, which makes it even better.

2. YVR 2037 by Wonderlust

This gorgeous video shows viewers what Vancouver Airport will look like in 20 years. Such videos are always engaging, but thanks to Wonderlust it’s a just exceptional piece.

1.A Husky Story – Nightly Refining Kiehl’s Micro-Peel Concentrate by Feed Me Light

This 3D commercial looks more like a Disney movie, rather than an ad. You will have nothing to do but follow the main character’s journey. Needless to say that its quality and amazing plot will leave you speecless.

So that was our top 20! Of course, this list is based only on our personal preference and a feedback on these videos, but isn’t it an amazing way to get some inspiration?