Behind the scenes: P2P Cash - №1

We were very excited to work on the new video for P2P Cash this year. It’s been a long and quite a difficult process, but we enjoyed every moment of it and now we have an amazing result!

Behind the scenes: P2P Cash - №2P2P Cash is safe, secure and free service for money transfers. It works for everyone and everywhere and that’s exactly what we wanted to show in the video. The main characters are Maria and Juan, who’re doing their best to save some money and change their lives. They’re both young and very hardworking, but will their situation get better? That’s where P2P Cash steps in the game!

So what was the process of making this video?

Behind the scenes: P2P Cash - №3First things first, everyone

already knows we start with Creative Brief. This is an obligatory step to understand the goals of a client. After that we continue with the script:

this time it was the story of Maria and Juan, who had some issues with the money transfer.

As usual, we prepared style frames to show what the video will look like. They have major differences and the client picked the first one.

The next step is a storyboard: we had to show how easy and safe this app is and the young family seemed perfect for this task.

It was very important for us to create characters that can be both reliable and inspiring. The scenes show Juan, Maria, and their friends and family. Moreover, we spent a lot of time creating the perfect background: the main task was to show that the app works all over the world without extra money.

Behind the scenes: P2P Cash - №4

The final steps are animation and sound FX. We usually take them very seriously and take our time to make everything perfect. This video was no exception – we made sure everything was exceptionally good!

Behind the scenes: P2P Cash - №5

Working on P2P Cash’s video was a lot of fun and we’re proud of the results.