Everyone believes in the power of storytelling. Nowadays a storytelling in a form of animated video is a very popular way of representing service or product. Just think, you can promote your product in several minutes, show its benefits and dispel doubts which can be come up at customers. Is it any wonder? The results of using explainer videos show that it usually does a trick. Let us show what we mean.

Don’t worry, you won’t fall into a trap

5 reasons your Product Launch NEEDS video - №1

Of course, some people guess that it’s not the best idea to make animated videos for promoting business. But, in fact, animated videos are the best decision for representing your business. A great content can bring great benefits to any marketing strategies, you can choose from many types of videos and find the one you’re interested in. Animated videos can convey a client’s message and get a good feedback from the target audience. You show your idea to engage people and get just the job. It will always work under any circumstances, because people perceive visual content better.

It’s real, folks!

5 reasons your Product Launch NEEDS video - №2

Explainer video is everything that you need to turn attention to your product. Do you know that emotional connection can be better achieved through motion graphics? People don’t want to trust “unchecked” product, they need to understand its value. If you produce a high-quality video which can, all to pieces, explain the benefits and make it as simple as clear to the audience, your product will be within distance of success. Moreover, explainer video shows the ways of dealing with problems. If a problem exists, explainer videos will come up with a solution and people are fond of finding answers to their questions.

Fast-flying ideas

5 reasons your Product Launch NEEDS video - №3

Watching video is a much-loved deal nowadays. People are likely to watch a video than read a complicated feature. You share it over the Internet and get a feedback on the double, increasing brand awareness. First of all, you see what people think about it, secondly, you can tie up the loose ends. This communication helps you not only to improve your product’s strategy, but also to connect with a large audience. All the more so users like to share a high-quality video on their pages, that can be a significant advantage in your effort to brand-building.

A personal approach is a heart of the issue

Generate more modern ideas. Don’t rely on an “ancient” scheme, if you can spur interest from the first sight, your job can be well done. Explainer video is a perfect way of implementation your mind-blowing thoughts. A usual advertisement can’t entirely realize the fullest potential of your business-oriented objectives.

5 reasons your Product Launch NEEDS video - №4

Boom – it’s a win!

It’s widely known that animated video is a growing trend nowadays, there is something behind that. Providing huge benefits and fast results, animated video becomes more and more popular around the world. This format of promoting business suits any products. Another great thing is to mix different types of explainer videos such as stop motion, whiteboard animation, live action. It will be creative and spectacular. An ability to generate your ideas through videos can show the process of representing your product in a high-quality way.