If you’ve got something to tell – tell it! Explainer videos are an efficient way to do it.
Animated explainer videos are short videos where you present your company, product or service. 1-3 minutes is plenty enough for your concise and to the point presentation. This approach is becoming more and more popular on the internet, and gradually replaces texts, as it provides a more engaging way to interact with the audience.


Unobvious pros of explainer videos

Most pros of animated explainer videos are so obvious they need not the time to be explained. Yet, some of the pros are not, and these may be found below.


Over 100 million Internet users watch videos online on daily basis. Most certainly, a lot of them are watching entertainment content. However, there is a great deal of them looking for advice on howto, or service or product. And this is exactly the type of audience watching animated explainer videos. Just think of the number of people looking forward to see your explainer video.

If you pay attention to your website metrics, Google Analytics or any other, you might notice such thing as Average Session Duration. That shows how long users spend on the page on average, or else – engagement. The longer the sessions – the better for your website, as web search robots believe that users are engaged enough to stay on the page instead of browsing on. Well, if the page displays an explainer video among other goodies such as pictures and text, the task is solved. If you suggest your users an animated explainer video on the page, the users are proved to stay on the page twice as long. Longer sessions – higher web search positions – profit!

Better conversions

What do you want your viewers to do? Subscribe? Buy? Tell them. This is exactly what animated explainer videos are all about – describe and call-to-action. And your conversion rate will hike.

Get coverage

An average internet user watches over 30 videos a month. Make a good animated explainer video, and let it be one of those 30. And if the explainer video is good, be sure that some of these users will share it on Facebook, Twitter and so on, thus getting even greater coverage for your video.

Boost SEO

Google and other web search engines are constantly working on improving their video search algorithms. Now is the time to jump in on the train of making great animated explainer videos for your company, product or service to benefit from video search hits.