Custom video vs Template video - №1

What expectations do you have when you order an explainer video? What influences your style or video production studio choice? Of course, there are a lot of factors and everyone has different reasons behind their choices. But when you think about a video for your brand, don’t you want it to be made in a unique а manner with the highest quality? Of course, each company aims to make their brand recognizable attracting more new customers and increasing sales. But is it possible with a template explainer video?

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this is the best option for your marketing campaign. On the other hand, a custom explainer video can make a tremendous change in your company’s way to success. Let’s review just a couple of advantages you can get:

  1. Get a unique content which will be associated with your brand
  2. Build trust with current and potential customers
  3. Make it shareable on any social platforms
  4. Increase conversions
  5. Get more sales

When you look at all these points, can you say that a template video can cope with these tasks? Advertising is the most important part of your promotion and your explainer video is the face of it. And believe it or not, your potential customers can distinguish something poorly made from quality content. So, you shouldn’t use basic characters and bad animation to present your brand. Such video is a thing that can keep viewers interested and can make them stay on your page for longer or even visit it again and again. You probably have no intention to make a bad impression and leave the game by giving preference to a template video.

In fact, most people are visual creatures and they won’t spend much time on a page with some basic content. If they see a video with the same characters they’ve already seen before, they will definitely be confused and have no interest in a product you offer due to lack of uniqueness. In this case, you have a higher chance that your clients will come to your competitors who presents their products in a more outstanding way. Remember, your explainer video is a long-term investment that will bring more sales and increase conversions in the future.

Custom video vs Template video - №2

Of course, nowadays some companies use template videos if they hire new people. The reason for it is a necessity to explain to them the work process or show how certain equipment works. Well, in that case, it’s a good option. First of all, you get an easy-to-understand video instruction. So you can use every time a new employee comes to your company. Secondly, if you need to change something, you’ll have an opportunity to use the same service to make necessary edits.

Custom video vs Template video - №3

Also, we need to mention the price and the time spent on video production – they differ. Of course, it may seem easier to make a presentation without searching for a team or worrying about the deadline. And if you need a video right now, a custom video is not for you. A standard 30 seconds animation takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of characters and actions they do. Moreover, if you think about 3D animation, it would be impossible to do with the help of templates.

What about a price? Of course, you can find very cheap and very expensive studios. But when you order a custom video, you have an opportunity to choose among different packages that animation companies may offer to you. For example, you can get to know more about our Special offer and our team will make a cool custom video at the price of a template video. Don’t be frustrated about bad video results, create a handcrafted video with a team of professionals.

To sum up, you can see that a custom video definitely wins. You can choose your own style, create cool characters, nice-looking environment and convey any idea that comes to your mind. Besides, Google loves videos. It’s easier for you to get on the first page if you have high-quality content on your landing page. It’s up to you to choose which option do you want. But first, think about all the benefits a custom video will bring you.

Custom video vs Template video - №4

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If you think of making an explainer video for your service, you can also check out our styleframe page and online video platform Wowmorning to find the best option for your future video.