Costa Brava Animation Fest - №1

Last month we decided to make a challenge for our team members. Each person had to create a cool animated piece on any topic and presented it during our team building vacation. We guess it was a nice opportunity to show skills and abilities in animation and add several well-done animation projects for our portfolio. Everyone had enough time to do one’s best and bring a really good story to life. Frankly speaking, the main goal was to make everyone take part in this competition and prove oneself in a teamwork. Now you can check out the results of this exciting challenge and comment on it.

In the first video, we see an old man, who has been working as a physicist or mathematician all his life. Being a teenager, he didn’t visit any student parties. Because he studied day and night and had no free time to have fun. But in his old age, while reading a newspaper, he is deep in thought… Suddenly he throws away his newspaper, puts his VRay glasses, which takes him to a nightclub, where he hangs out with people there all night. With this story, we’d like to get out a message that it’s never too late, even if you are 80, you can still be young at heart.

For the second one, we chose the quote “Less is more”. This story tells us about a little bee who is sitting on a flower and eating all the lightning bugs flying around. In the blink of an eye, she falls from it, putting on weight. We guess it’s a cute funny story with great visuals and instructive experience.

The third story is about an ordinary girl, who has a dream. In our life, we have a lot of restrictions, but falling asleep, we find a world where nothing restricts us. We can’t always understand the things happen in this world. But when we are lost in it, all our dreams will come true.