Have you ever felt anxious while looking for a job? It can be hard to create a CV that will show your unique skills and character traits to get the position you want. Luckily, Qdooz service is exactly what you need. It gives you free access to a library of useful advice from leading coaches and mentors who can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

We had a perfect opportunity to collaborate with Qdooz team and make an animated commercial for them. The main goal of this video was to explain this company’s motto “CV creation has never been easier”. Having kept this in mind, we decided to focus more on the character and her actions than on the environment so that the background elements don’t distract attention from our main heroine. The character and her journey through different stages of personal development were the key points for this explainer video and we thought we managed to consider it.

We tried to make this project interesting and catchy, so we opted for a mix of 2D and frame-by-frame animation. It helped us to create cool transitions and make the animation as smooth as possible.

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94 seconds
Creative Direction
Design & Animation by Hound Studio
Explainer video, 2D animation
QDOOZ - image №1
QDOOZ - image №2
QDOOZ - image №3
QDOOZ - image №4
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