Outdoor Clothing Brand

Client: In collaboration with Fiks Film
Style: Frame-by-frame animation 
Length: 70 sec
Language: English

We’re excited to share a frame-by-frame animation created for a sustainable clothing brand. That’s not a secret that the fast fashion industry has a negative impact on our environment. In fact, a lot of people try to reduce their purchase needs nowadays and buy clothes from sustainable brands. What about you? Do you know any companies that stand up for environmental rights and take part in social responsibility? 

You’ve definitely heard about the companies that actively take part in environmental activism. Our team is glad to support such companies to promote a more sustainable way of life. Our team had been working on this brand video for a month and we’re finally ready to show the result. 

We love to work with environmentally responsible clothing companies that try to protect the Earth using renewable and recycled raw materials. Of course, we all know we need to be more conscious consumers, but it’s easier to do it with such environmental campaigners!

Nature can’t wait and slow fashion is a good start for us to minimize harm to the environment we all share!

P.S. Our brand commercial for Patagonia won the video of the day on Motion Design Awards and this project was featured in the Motion Graphics category on Behance

Check this video out and share your thoughts with us 💚

Made with by Hound Studio

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