Style: Cel (frame-by-frame) animation 

Length: 150 sec

Language: English

Concept, Direction, Script & Sound Design by MezzoLab

Design & Animation by Hound Studio

We had the pleasure of working on a short frame-by-frame story for the Orchestra.

Overview: In 1972, a group of classical musicians in New York City wanted to make music in a new collaborative way. They assembled a unique creative team where everyone brings out the best of each other. Performing without a conductor, everyone can play a solo, serve as concertmaster, speak up in rehearsals. They transfer creativity and ownership from one conductor to every single musician in the orchestra. Musicians have recorded over 70 albums and won several Grammy Awards. 

Our team was challenged to create an emotive character animation and convey the atmosphere of their performance. 

A big thanks to our amazing team for bringing this project to life!

Scroll down to see the process.

Made with by Hound Studio

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