Happiness Lab

Happiness Lab represents a different kind of workplace technology that allows you to see what’s really going on in your company – both good and bad. It produces a monitor with which the happiness from employees can be measured. Surely, happiness in your working life is very important. It affects employee success and productivity. So, the Happiness lab offers the monitor to CEO’s or Human Resource Managers from small, average and large companies.


Moreover, it provides better information about people who are working in your company so that managers will be able to make better decisions. It makes the information available in real-time and reflective of what’s going on today, this week, this month. All the information is available to everyone. So, we all know what’s great about work and what’s not great. It helps to make better decisions and analyze how members of your company can be happier and how to improve the working process in your business.


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74 seconds
Creative Direction
Illustrations & Animation by Hound Studio
Explainer video, 2d animation
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