Global Music Vault

Client: Global Music Vault 
Style: Explainer video, 2D animation, frame-by-frame animation
Length: 120 sec
Language: English

We’re happy to present our explainer video for Global Music Vault, a physical vault located in Svalbard Norway to keep world music preserved forever (1000+ years). Music files are stored on time capsules that are deposited into the vault.

The idea to walk through the vault and show different musicians appeared in our minds right away. We explored a wide variety of styles, line and fill textures, and created a perfect little bit cinematic style. Our goal was to explain how safe and secure this vault is and show that the technology behind the storage is not only safe but very reliable reducing the amount of times music files need to be migrated to hard drives to back up.

Take a look at the result and stay tuned for more cool stuff!

Made with by Hound Studio

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