After our returning from the WebSummit, we would like to share with you our experience and give reasons why it’s a good idea to visit such events.

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First of all, we met a lot of talented people who are full of innovative ideas and who try to produce very useful things. We were taken aback how many interesting things exist in our world. Of course, we’d like to pay attention to each startup in order to understand what a foreign market offers nowadays.

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Honestly, there were ideas that sparked just a little interest, because we had already seen the same ideas on this conference earlier, that’s why they didn’t stand out from the crowd. In this case, we think, that the problem of such startups is an absence of a good presentation, if you understand that your idea is not new, but you consider that it can work in another way, you should show it in a completely different manner. As we usually say, visuals always have a significant effort. Going back to the ideas mentioned above, we’d like to share the ideas that are worth spreading.

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For example, we’re inspired by a project of the guys that presented the map for people with limited physical abilities. It’s so important to address such essential things and help people to improve and simplify their life. Also, we noticed that the startups that had animated presentations gathered more people around. It was simple, but more interesting and exciting. People who were using 3D animation attracted the biggest attention to their projects. We got inspiration from their ideas and were impressed with a quality of their work.

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The moral of this story is that, of course, a creation of a startup is a nice opportunity to forward a product or service, but an interesting presentation of it plays a very important role. Do you know that a long conversation makes people sad? That’s why you should explain your main message briefly and spark the interest of the consumer. A good explainer video can bring off the situation, it’s interesting and can save time for both customers and makers. In a matter of minutes, your idea will be shown and explained in the best way. It really matters, so think about representing your ideas beforehand not to get a negative feedback.

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WebSummit set new goals for us, changed our views on our future projects and gave an opportunity to meet people that are interested in our company. We would have never missed such a great event and we are thankful to everyone who made this conference unforgettable.

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