Many of the most well-known corporations in the world employ the usage of animated ads to promote their products in a way that also piques the attention of the target audience. They are entertaining and exciting to watch, and they are able to convey a great deal of information in an inventive and exciting manner.

Making animated advertising that captivates the attention of the audience and motivates them to take action requires a lot of work and preparation. However, before we get into watching, let’s take a look at how animated commercials might help a brand.

What function does animated advertising offer?

When promoting a good or service, employing animated advertisements as a form of advertising can be beneficial to the promotion effort for a number of different reasons. To begin, animated advertisements are simple to see, simple to comprehend, and simple to distribute across a variety of social media platforms.

In addition, viewers find animated advertisements easier to relate to, and the concise and entertaining narratives make them look more appealing than dull traditional advertising.

In addition, there is nothing that can limit the reach of animated advertisements, such as bad weather or large distances. When it comes to animated ads, there is no limit to the amount of creativity that can be put into them. When a marketer needs to explain hard concepts or ideas while simultaneously aiming to offer a distinct viewpoint to them, it works best to do it in this manner.

A list of the top 6 animated ads


At the beginning of 2019, Mailchimp launched a significant rebranding effort. As a direct consequence of this, they have updated both their logo and their design style, and as part of the process of announcing their new look, they have developed the animated video “Outgrow Your Name.”

The new style relies on simple line drawings with an extremely reduced number of visual elements. This 30-second film uses a story to convey Mailchimp’s message while deftly combining visual metaphors, such as the soaring Big Foot to represent expansion.

Air Reinvented by Nike

A couple of years ago, Nike undertook a revamp of many of its most iconic sneakers and accompanied the release of the new line with an animated ad. The trendy vibe of the company is captured perfectly in this beautifully pleasing advertisement.

Through an animated advertisement, Nike brilliantly honors the prior sneaker styles. If you pay close attention each time a new model appears on the screen, you will notice that the music and images are altered to correspond with the design of the shoe that is being showcased. This adds to the awesomeness of the advertisement.

McDonald’s | Inner Child

This heartwarming 3D animation was developed by McDonald’s for their Christmas commercial for the year 2020. A mother and son are depicted in this story as they prepare for Christmas together.

Even though his mother is making a concerted effort to persuade him to participate in the Christmas celebrations, the son has a hard time embracing his inner kid and joining in on the fun. What ultimately pulls them together is a dinner from the drive-through at McDonald’s, when Tom shares the carrots that he has been hoarding for the reindeer.

This heartfelt animated commercial earned a lot of positive feedback from viewers and was shared widely across social media platforms. It is a terrific method to get people talking about the company, and it also serves to remind them that you are there if you create a promotional film with an emotive tale.

Josh’s Story by THE HOUND STUDIO

When you were younger, what did you imagine the future to be like? Were there any cities, lasers, or flying automobiles that might be found on the moon? Or perhaps machine uprisings or a dystopian cyberpunk setting?

This time, the animation will take on the role of a time machine for us, transporting us to a city in the future that was conjured up by the imagination of a little Josh.

Good, bright, musically accompanied video that resembles a fairy tale.

PERLIMPS – International Trailer

Claé and Bruó, two secret agents working for enemy kingdoms, are dispatched to the Enchanted Forest. They finally discovered they were on the same mission: To save the Perlimps from the terrible Giants that have surrounded the Forest.


This commercial film for Heinz beans is the kind of marketing video that will stick in your mind for a long time.

This film follows the journey of one character who works at the Heinz beans facility and invites the audience along for the ride. He creates the bean tins in a variety of sizes to accommodate the many stages of his life, whether it be to give to a newborn, to share with his partner, or to give to his adolescents so they may build a toastie!

The fact that this film is a 3D animation of exceptionally excellent quality, comparable in style to a Disney or Pixar cartoon, makes seeing it all the more memorable and enjoyable.