Here and now any business can’t exist without powerful advertising. Many enterprises are obsessed with the idea of getting their own platform on the Net. And here another obstacle arises – what should be the content of the site. Every entrepreneur whose business is connected with the Internet (goods, services) wants to get the most extraordinary, colorful, attractive and stunning explainer production.

With the help of storytelling, entrepreneurs want to attract attention to their brand, to increase its visibility, to gain image and to outperform the competitors. The only dilemma they face is what kind of explainer video to favor – custom videos versus templates.

Custom video vs. Template - №1

Each of these two types possesses its own pros and cons. Let’s check.


Actually, the main goal of storytelling is to reach a wide audience. Any explainer production deals with customers and it should be designed for them. Both custom videos and templates should be put on the Social Networks. But for some template video sites, this option is unavailable because they are made in a definite format without the possibility of converting. So, your video would be seen in the only one possible format on a limited number of hosts. And as for a handcrafted explainer video, the situation is absolutely different. You get the ready-for-selling product that can be uploaded on the wide range of resources such as YouTube or FB. The first-rate explainer video is that one which increases leads and conversions. It could be used as a mean of attracting clients’ attention in the following niches:

  • Landing pages
  • Company websites
  • Product overviews
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Investor relations

Only the successful amalgam of all these aimed segments can guarantee a favorable outcome.


Explainer video companies can meet the expectations even of the most demanding customer. The level of your satisfaction always depends on what you are actually looking for. If you want just a standardized animated video without any delights then the template is the best variant. But if you want to blow the minds of your potential clients you can’t but choose the custom video. As a rule, when it comes to templates explainer video company suggests you a definite set of possible options. It’s often just 2D animation. But if you are to get a handcrafted explainer video it could be 3D animation, whiteboard, motion graphics, kinetic typography or screencast.


The development of digital devices has made viewers too choosy. Now to make somebody watch something you have to work hard. If an explainer video is too audible with no special effects the onlookers will just break off watching it. No doubt, a handcrafted explainer video offers you a much wider range of formats, color schemes, and animations than the templates do. The thing is that the search engines “love” freshness and uniqueness. And only custom explainer videos obtain such peculiarities. The template is supposed to be composed of a common, irrelevant plot, schemes and effects.


The clout of an explainer video confides in achieving its goals. They could be as following:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Developing an enterprise brand and personality
  • Building company culture
  • Attracting new clients

An average template explainer video succeeds in one or two points while the custom video is able to hit the bulls-eye. Furthermore, any a little bit successful video must include messaging, design, streaming, analytics and marketing solutions. Both templates and custom video cover these concepts.


Perhaps, the price is the only criterion in which a template completely surpasses a handcrafted explainer video. The average cost of a medium quality custom video is about $1200, while a standard video template will cost you $800. The difference is notable, isn’t it? A professional custom video will cost a pretty penny. But maybe it’s worth to pay once and create the brand. A staple template can’t do it anyway.

So, it’s up to you to make a decision. The only thing you have to come with is that without laudable explainer video no advertising campaign can exist. These are the realities of the modern marketing strategy.