Of course, it’s always interesting for us to cooperate with companies that are ready and willing to simplify people’s lives creating different useful platforms. This time we’re excited to make an explainer video for this service. It’s definitely a new way of qualifying leads and opportunity to forget about possible problems that can arise in the case of client search. 


In fact, it is the largest online calling community. So, we match your call campaigns with thousands of people based on geography, expertise, language, and much more. Also, it has target people and companies in over 100 countries and 80 languages.

113 seconds
Creative Direction
Graphics and animation by Hound Studio
Explainer Video, 2d animation
Upcall - image №1
Upcall - image №2
Upcall - image №3
Upcall - image №4
Upcall - image №5
Upcall - image №6