Finally, we presented a new 3d video our team created for NimiTv. With the use of the internet and modern technology in general, NimiTV offers the highest quality video and audio possible.


Surely, everyone believes in the power of storytelling. That’s why nowadays a storytelling in a form of animated video is a very popular way of representing service or product. So, just think, you can promote your product in several minutes, show its benefits and dispel doubts which can be come up at customers. Is it any wonder? Moreover, the results of using explainer videos show that it usually does a trick.


Of course, providing huge benefits and fast results, animated video becomes more and more popular around the world. This format of promoting business suits any products. Also, another great thing is to mix different types of explainer videos such as stop motion, whiteboard animation, live action. It will be creative and spectacular. An ability to generate your ideas through videos can show the process of representing your product in a high-quality way.

30 seconds
Creative Direction
Graphics and animation by Hound Studio
Explainer Video, 3d animation
NimiTV - image №1
NimiTV - image №2
NimiTV - image №3
NimiTV - image №4