HighCon Shape

In fact, the Highcon Shape opens a new category in 3D printing. For example, it will bring additive manufacturing into production with revolutionary process delivery unmatched speed, costs and built sizes. Moreover, it makes 3D production fast, simple and affordable. For example, it produces customized products, such as furniture, conceptual models, stands and displays within minutes using standard recycle or even use paper. So, high-powered lasers and optics cut each sheet according to desired original digital file. Also, it carries out the process of stacking and gluing  automatically on the machine and it takes only 5 minutes to make an object. This is what a shape of the future looks like!


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90 seconds
Creative Direction
Design & Animation by Hound Studio
3d Commercial
HighCon Shape - image №1
HighCon Shape - image №2
HighCon Shape - image №3