Burgers Zoo

Walk the winter away on its last day in 2024 with the greatest animation we’ve created for Burgers Zoo!

Our animated masterpiece brings to life the adorable inhabitants of the zoo in a frame-by-frame animation that will captivate your heart and imagination. Get ready to be mesmerized by the charm and beauty of nature as never seen before!

Our talented team is proud to present this unforgettable experience, showcasing the incredible diversity of animals you can encounter during the Winter Animals’ Show. And trust us, they’re all irresistibly cute!

30 seconds
Creative Direction
Hound Studio
Cel, Frame-by-Frame Animation
<p>Burgers Zoo</p>
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<p>Burgers Zoo</p>
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<p>Burgers Zoo</p>
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<p>Burgers Zoo</p>
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<p>Burgers Zoo</p>
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